What Makes Our Hubcaps the Best?

HH Auto's premium hubcaps offer style, attention to detail, quality and value. Our new hubcaps and wheel covers come in gold, chrome, rich silver, charcoal as well as classic chrome finishes. These new hubcaps will turn heads and enhance luxury sedans, high performance coupes, sports utility vehicles and pick up trucks. Our hubcaps lead the industry in both innovative design and style. Our premier hubcaps and wheelcovers feature the finest attaching systems shown below.


Spring Steel Clips on Our Hubcaps!

As you can see our hubcaps utilize spring steel clips with forced ring retention. Most new after market hubcaps offer just forced ring retention. Our extra steel clipping system is why our hubcaps stay on longer when most after market hubcaps fall off. When shopping for hubcaps, be aware of what type of clipping system other distributor's wheel covers use.

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