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Police Patrol Vehicle Hubcap & Rim Solutions
Below is a selection of our most popular police patrol vehicle hub caps, wheel and rim solutions.
If you don't see your patrol vehicles hubcap or wheelcover listed, please call us Toll Free at 1-877-482-4283 to order.
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Ford Patrol Vehicle Hubcap & Wheel Solutions  
Ford CVPI 1988 - 2002 Ford CVPI 2003 - 2005 Ford CVPI 2006 - 2011
Ford Taurus PI Sedan 2012 & Up Ford Expedition SSV Ford Explorer Police Utility
Chrysler/Dodge Patrol Car Hubcaps & Wheels  
Dodge Charger PI    
Chevrolet Patrol Vehicle Hubcaps & Wheels  
Chevy Caprice PPV 1991 - 1996 Chevy Caprice PPV 2011 & Up Chevy Impala PPV
Chevy Tahoe SSP    


About Hubcap Haven/HH Auto Wheels and Rims

Hubcaps Haven/HH Auto Wheels and Rims has access to over 1 Million factory hubcaps, wheelcovers, aluminum alloy wheels and rims, as well as OEM and aftermarket center caps. We also carry the largest selection of aftermarket rim and wheel accessories for your truck, van and car available on the Internet. Performance lamps have also been added.

Hubcap Haven/HH Auto Wheels and Rims can access anyone of our 155 affiliate warehouses throughout the United States in an effort to expedite shipping and locate hard to find items. We have access to products that no other hubcap or wheel store can match.

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota we have been in business since 1971. The Hubcaps Haven and Wheels website went live in 1996. Our product offerings have gone from a few aftermarket wheel covers to over 4000 thousand wheels, hubcaps, rims and accessories.