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Ford Thunderbird Wheels and Rims
       The Ford Thunderbird was a car manufactured in the United States by the Ford Motor Company. It entered production for the 1955 model year as a two-seater sporty car but, unlike the similar Chevrolet Corvette, the Thunderbird was never sold as a full-blown sports car. For the new millennium, Ford resurrected the Thunderbird. As a full-circle, retro-inspired return of the original two-seat roadster, the new Thunderbird garnered plenty of attention and initial hype. Still more about motoring with a little extra flair and panache than driving fast and hard, the Thunderbird seemed poised for success. It never met with much critical acclaim, however. Sales were brisk at first but slowed considerably afterwards. Ford ended production after four years. Ford plans to release a new Thunderbird sometime in the years to come, but an exact date has not been specified. Below is our full line of factory original Ford Thunderbird wheels and rims. After you find the picture of the Ford Thunderbird wheel you need, simply select the add to cart button below the picture or click on the Ford Thunderbird alloy rim picture to order. Hubcaps Haven offers factory original, OEM, rims and wheels, reconditioned, powder and clear coated to factory specifications for painted wheels which includes a lifetime limited warranty on each wheel. strives to be the online leader for wheels and rims and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all Ford Thunderbird wheel and rim purchases. These are factory original reconditioned Ford Thunderbird rims, in new condition, manufactured by Ford. We also offer the option of replica rims on some models. Replica alloy wheels are manufactured to factory specifications, however, they are made by an aftermarket manufacturer. offers FREE SHIPPING on all Ford Thunderbird wheel orders in the continental U.S. You may order your Ford rim securely online or call us Toll Free at (877) 482-4283 to place a wheel order. Start your search for you Ford Thunderbird rims below or call us toll free.

ALY3532A Ford Thunderbird wheel polished
Price: $249.95
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1 single ALY3532A Ford Thunderbird '04-'05,17x7.5,16 spoke polished alloy wheel

ALY3532B Ford Thunderbird wheel silver machined
Price: $169.95
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1 single ALY3532B Ford Thunderbird '04-'05,17x7.5,16 spoke silver machined alloy wheel

ALY3533 Ford Thunderbird Wheel Chrome #4W6Z1007AA
Price: $499.95
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1 single ALY3533 Ford Thunderbird '04-'05, 7 Spoke Chrome Alloy Wheel.

Size: 17x7.5
Lugs: 5
Bolt Pattern: 110mm
Ford Part Number: 4W6Z1007AA, 4W631007AB or 4W631007AC

Note: Used Option Available, CLICK HERE


ALY3469B Ford Thunderbird wheel Silver
Price: $139.95
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1 Single ALY3469B Ford Thunderbird '02-'03, 17x7.5, 21 spoke Silver Factory Wheel

ALY3469A Ford Thunderbird wheel Chrome
Price: $299.95
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1 Single ALY3469A Ford Thunderbird '02-'03, 17x7.5, 21 spoke Chrome Factory Wheel (Pictured in Silver)

ALY3470 Ford Thunderbird wheel chrome
Price: $299.95
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1 Single ALY3470 Ford Thunderbird '02-'03, 17x7.5, 7 spoke Chrome Factory Wheel

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Note: Hubcap Haven offers Ford Thunderbird wheels and rims solutions for model years 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005. Please call us if you need assistance on a 02, 03, 04 or 05 Ford Thunderbird rim or wheel purchase.