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The majority of orders are shipped the same day via UPS, USPS, Fed Ex or SpeeDee, provided the order is received before Noon, Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday. Please expect 1-5 days for delivery depending on your location. Orders received past Noon Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday, may still ship the same day. Orders placed on Weekends and Holiday's typically will ship the following business day.

Most hubcap and center cap orders will be shipped the same day they are ordered. On heavy volume days, some orders may have to wait for the following business day. Expect approximately 1-5 business days for delivery.

Shipping Locations

HH Auto has wheel facilities located in 15 states. HH Auto does not stock every wheel, for every make/model, in every location at all the times. Our staff will try to ship from the warehouse closest to the customer. Wheel sales are considered top priority due to the critical nature of the product. HH Auto will make every effort necessary to get the product to our customer as quickly as possible.

Order Tracking

HH Auto sends an automated e-mail via (UPS, USPS, Fed Ex or SpeeDee) once an order has shipped. This information will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the customer. If you don't receive a tracking number or have trouble tracking your order, please call us toll free at 1-877-482-4283 or e-mail us at and we can assist you with specific questions in regards to tracking your order.

Please call us toll free at 1-877-482-4283 and we can assist you with specific questions in regards to tracing your order.


HH Auto makes returns easy. We realize ordering online is often difficult and mistakes can happen. Although HH Auto incurs significant packaging and shipping costs, our customer comes first. For this reason, we do not charge restocking fees*. If the customer is not satisfied with his/her product or the product was ordered incorrectly, a restocking fee will not be charged provided:

  • The Product has not been used or damaged.
  • The Customer requested an RA Number.
  • The Product is returned within 14 days.

Note: No returns or exchanges are allowed on merchandise after 30 days.

Please keep in mind, the customer is responsible for return shipping costs in the event the customer makes a mistake in ordering. We encourage the customer to ensure they are ordering correct and compatible product, if the customer is unsure, we ask that the customer contact us toll free at (877) 482-4283 or to discuss the specifics.

All orders should be inspected once they are received. Make sure the product is intact and not damaged, the correct size has been received, and the customer received the correct item(s). Before mounting wheels, make sure they are the wheel(s) ordered and in the finish ordered. In addition, ensure center cap(s) fit the wheel(s), make sure wheel(s) fits over hubs, and have the wheel(s) spun before mounting tires to ensure the wheel(s) are within tolerances. Wheels cannot be returned once a tire is mounted.

Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer unless HH Auto sends product that is damaged, or the product is not what the customer ordered. Expedited shipping costs (Next Day, 2 Day or 3 Day) are NOT considered part of the original purchase price and will not be refunded regardless of the party at fault. HH Auto is not responsible for costs associated with mounting or dismounting tires, nor is HH Auto responsible for damage to vehicles that may be perceived to have been a result of product purchased from HH Auto.

Note: Because HH Auto staff cannot inspect the customers vehicle, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the product that is being ordered will fit his/her vehicle. When in doubt or for questions, please contact HH Auto to discuss your specific needs.

*Please Note: HH Auto requires the customer to cooperate with us on all returns. In addition, a return authorization number is required on all returns. If the customer wishes to return an item, call (877) 482-4283 or e-mail HH Auto at to obtain a return authorization number. All orders without return authorization numbers will be assessed a 25% restocking fee. Any order in which a customer refuses delivery of an item will also be assessed a 25% restocking fee on the original purchase price.

Warranty Information

All products are guaranteed to be intact, functional and free of damage. Used wheels and center caps will show some wear but are guaranteed to be functional.

Wheel Structural Warranty:
All wheel(s) from HH Auto, whether the customer purchases new or used, are guaranteed to be round, true, balanceable and structurally sound. Once a tire is mounted to the wheel(s) and the product is used, we cannot warranty the wheel structurally from that point as we cannot control driving habits, road conditions, etc.

Wheel Cosmetic Warranty:
HH Auto offers a Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Cosmetic Warranty on reconditioned and replica Aluminum wheels ONLY. We will warranty our Aluminum wheels to be free from defects in manufacturing and materials and will replace or recondition a wheel that is deemed to be defective for the life of the wheel. Liability of HH Auto under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the defective part.

HH Auto is not responsible for damage caused by abuse, incorrect installation, modification, shipping, accidents or normal wear; nor is HH Auto responsible for labor charges, inconvenience or other expenses related to installation or use of our products whether purchased from us or an independent reseller.

Exceptions To Wheel Cosmetic Warranty:
HH Auto does not warranty wheels that have or have had wheel weights mounted to the face of the wheel or on the outside facing outer edge of the wheel. HH Auto cannot warranty corrosion that is the result of normal wear or neglect.

Steel wheels come with a 30 day Cosmetic Warranty. HH Auto DOES NOT warranty Chrome Clad wheels beyond our Structural Warranty. Chrome Plated wheels receive a Cosmetic Warranty for a period of one year. HH Auto DOES NOT offer a Cosmetic Warranty on Used wheels and rims.

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Privacy Policy

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