About Our Wheels

At HH Auto Wheel & Trim, we sell factory original (OEM) reconditioned and replica wheels and rims. For the thrifty shopper we also offer a used option for many wheels.

What to Expect with Reconditioned/Replica Wheels

The face of reconditioned wheel will look new when you get it. It has been stripped of all paint and clear coat down to raw metal, then machined, repainted or polished and then clear coated back to factory specifications using factory paint codes. The back and barrel of the wheels are finished with a durable powder coat.

There is a manufacturer's lifetime limited warranty on the finish and all wheels are guaranteed to be true, free from damage and balanceable. Chrome plated wheels receive a 1 year manufacturer's limited warranty.

All wheels are tested and inspected for radial, rotary and side impact fatigue.

What are Replica Wheels?

Replica alloy wheels are manufactured to factory wheel specifications. They look and fit just like O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufactured) wheels aside from factory stamps and identifying markings.

Replica alloy wheels are made by D.O.T. approved ISO-9000 manufacturing companies. Tested and inspected.

Many auto manufacturers use these same ISO-9000 manufacturing companies to outsource the manufacturing of their stock wheels.

Your O.E.M. center caps and tire pressure monitors will fit in our replica alloy wheels.

Replica alloy wheels have never been used, damaged or repaired. They are brand new wheels.

Replica alloy wheels are guaranteed and have the same manufacturer's limited warranty as OEM reconditioned wheels.

Note: HH Auto considers replica and reconditioned wheels to be the same and may ship either unless requested.

Note: 90% of auto manufacturers outsource the production of their OEM wheels to China, Mexico or India and NO auto manufacturer currently produces wheels in the USA.

What to Expect with a Used Wheel

The condition of a used wheel will vary depending on the age of the wheel. Older wheels will typically show more fading, car wash brush marks and may have additional minor pitting, facial scratches or weight marks.

Our used wheels are tested to ensure they are structurally sound, free from structural damage and balanceable.

Our used wheels are backed up by our Satisfaction Guarantee just like our reconditioned wheels.

Note: It seldom will make sense to buy used wheels to replace structurally sound wheels currently on your vehicle. Used wheels should be purchased when your cars wheel(s) have been damaged, won't balance, leak air or are no longer usable. If you are looking to enhance your vehicles look by buying wheels from HH Auto, we recommend that you purchase reconditioned wheels as they look brand new. Our used wheels in most cases will look no different than the wheels currently on your vehicle.

Other Wheel Information

HH Auto will often aquire new or insurance grade takeoff wheels. These are wheels that have spent little or no time on the original vehicle. Reconditioned wheels, replica wheels and takeoff wheels are considered by HH Auto to be the same and all fall under the heading of reconditioned wheels. Unless specifically requested, HH Auto reserves the right to ship what is available at the time of purchase.