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Vehicle Spotlight: 1994-2024 Honda Accord

Vehicle Spotlight: 1994-2024 Honda Accord

The Honda Accord has been a perennial favorite among car enthusiasts for its reliability, performance, and stylish design. Over the years, it has evolved in many ways. In this blog, we will explore the different generations of the Honda Accord from 1994 to 2024, with a particular focus on its wheels and rims.


1994-1997 Honda Accord

The 1994-1997 Honda Accord featured simple and classic wheel designs. Most models came with standard wheels and full-wheel covers. The EX trims, however, were equipped with alloy wheels. These alloy wheels were stylish, but they were relatively small by today’s standards.


1998-2002 Honda Accord

The 1998-2002 Accord saw a shift towards more contemporary wheel designs. These models typically came with 15-inch wheels, while the higher trim levels featured 15 or 16-inch alloy wheels. The SE and LX V6 models boasted 16-inch alloy wheels.


2003-2007 Honda Accord

In the 2003-2007 generation, the Honda Accord received a significant design overhaul, and its wheels and rims followed suit. The hubcaps were often multi-spoke designs, adding a touch of sophistication.


2008-2012 Honda Accord

The 2008-2012 Honda Accord continued the trend of larger wheels. These models typically came with 16-inch wheels for the base trims and 17-inch wheels for the EX trims. The EX V6 models, and some special editions, featured 18-inch wheels, adding to the car’s sporty appearance.


2013-2017 Honda Accord

The 2013-2017 Honda Accord showcased an even more modern and aerodynamic design. The wheels and rims followed the trend of larger sizes and more intricate designs. Base models came with 16-inch wheels, while the Sport and higher trims featured 18-inch wheels.


2018-2024 Honda Accord

The current generation of Honda Accord, from 2018 onwards, boasts some of the most striking wheel and rim designs to date. Base models feature 17-inch wheels, while the higher trims come with 19-inch wheels.



The Honda Accord has evolved over the years, and so have its wheels and rims. From the simplicity of the 1990s to the modern and sophisticated designs of the 2020s, each generation offers unique options for customization. Whether you prefer classic alloy wheels or contemporary black rims for your Honda Accord, there are plenty of choices to match your style and make your Accord stand out on the road.


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