Hubcap Haven Auto, Wheel & Trim Blog | November 2022 | Hubcap Haven Auto, Wheel & Trim Blog

Choices, Choices: Should You Go for an Aftermarket or OEM Wheel?

When you are buying brand-new wheels there’s plenty to take into consideration. The aftermarket is saturated with wheels in different styles, sizes, and materials. Some people like using different rim styles to customize their vehicle, while others would rather keep their car’s looks faithful to the manufacturer. If you’re unsure whether to go with aftermarket […]

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Get in the Know: Your Crash Course in Wheel Simulators

At Hubcap Haven Auto, Wheel, and Trim we are dedicated to making sure you have all of the information that you need to make smart, informed buying decisions when it comes to your wheels and rims. That’s why we started our Get in the Know blog series, and that’s what we are going to continue […]

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