August 2023 | Hubcap Haven Auto, Wheel & Trim Blog

Vehicle Spotlight: 2011-2023 RAM 1500

An overview of the RAM 1500’s evolution from 2011-2023 would involve looking at two generations of this vehicle—the 4th generation RAM 1500 and the 5th generation RAM 1500—along with a refresh of the 4th generation. Here are highlights from each!   4th Generation RAM 1500: 2011-2012 First, here’s some clarification about this generation, which really […]

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Why is Wheel Balance So Important?

Said another way, why do you need to balance wheels? Well, they don’t stay balanced forever. When a tire manufacturer is producing tires, they balance them during manufacturing. Then, once the tires are placed on OEM wheels, another balancing process must take place to dovetail with the car, truck, or SUV because each wheel-tire combo […]

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Vehicle Restoration: New Wheels and Final Touches

Restoring a New Vehicle from Lines to Lugs When restoring a vehicle, you’ll naturally prioritize functionality to make sure that the car runs safely and well. Working within your time frame and budget, you’ll take care of the major items first. This could include replacing a tired suspension system, doing a thorough engine tune-up, and […]

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