April is National Car Care Month: Celebrate the Right Way

April is National Car Care Month: Celebrate the Right Way

With the coming of April comes National Car Care Month. This is a great time to get your ride in perfect working order before the hot summer months set in. Coming out of winter your car goes through a lot, and just like with spring cleaning your house, it is good to show your ride a bit T.L.C. as well. To help you have a great Car Care Month, the team here at Hubcap Haven Auto, Wheel, and Trim have put together our own list of what we think are the top 3 things you can do for your vehicle this April.   

Top 3 Ways to Treat Your Ride for Car Care Month


  • Get an Oil Change: Coming out of winter and into the warmer spring and summer months is a great time to swap out these fluids. With the colder temps in the winter, some engines need a heavier weight oil. Once the weather starts to warm it is best to swap that heavy weight oil out with something with a bit more viscosity. 


  • Check Your Tires and Wheels: Along with heavier weight oil, you also may be sporting winter tires. Now is the time to get those off of your ride, and get your summer tires back on. While you are swapping these out is the perfect time to inspect your vehicle’s wheels. Check for any damage to the rim from the harsh conditions of the winter. Just so happens we may know a guy if you are in need of a new wheel or rim for your car, truck, van, or SUV.


  • Detail the Interior of Your Ride: One of the things so many forget about when coming out of winter is that you have lived in your vehicle for several months through some pretty rough weather conditions most likely. The inside of your ride is going to need to be refreshed. Change the cabin air filter, clean the mats, wipe down the dashboard. Your vehicle will feel worlds better afterwards. 


Take Care of Your Ride this April

So showing your ride the best April ever is as simple as getting the oil changed, checking your wheels, and vacuuming up the inside, and the team here at Hubcap Haven Auto, Wheel, and Trim is here ready to help you with the second part. If you need four wheels or just need to replace one, we can help you. Check out the wide selection of OEM reconditioned and OE replica wheels and rims available at today.