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Get In the Know: Understanding the Wheel and Rim Industry

Regardless of what industry you are talking about, each one has terms that are specific to that industry. While this is all great, how are you supposed to know what those terms mean unless you are involved in said industry. That is where we come in… At least for the wheel and rim industry anyway. As one of the industry’s premier OEM and OE rims and wheels suppliers on the market we know a bit about these terms, and also know how many people contact us wanting to know what we mean when we use them. If that’s you, you are in luck. Here is a quick guide to some of the most important terms you need to know when searching for a new set of rims for your car, truck, van, or SUV.  

Rim and Wheel Industry Terms to Know

The wheel and rim industry is full of terms that you may think you understand, but might be a little off. Here we will help you fully understand the important terms of our industry so that you are able to make an informed choice as to who to trust for your next set of wheels for your vehicle.


Wheel or Rim Types

Here are some terms that are specific to the type of rim or wheel you want for your vehicle. 


  • OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer is what OEM stands for. With an OEM set of wheels you are purchasing the original type of wheel that came with the car from the manufacturer. 


  • OE Replica: OE Replica wheels are made to the same specifications as their OEM counterparts. There is practically no difference between the two, and you will enjoy the same level of performance from an OE Replica wheel as you will from an actual OEM wheel or rim.  


  • Aftermarket: These types of rims are made to fit your vehicle, but are not equipped on your vehicle from the manufacturer. Unlike OEM rims, you will have several different styles, looks, and finishes to choose from in this category. 


Wheel or Rim Finishes

Here are some terms that are specific to the finish of the wheel or rim that you are purchasing for your car, van, truck, or SUV.


  • Chrome: Chrome offers a shiny, mirror like finish that will really set off the look of almost any type of vehicle. Will dirty easily, so be ready to clean them regularly to keep them looking their best. 


  • Painted: You have several color options when it comes to painted rims. Hubcap Haven Auto Wheel and Trim offers silver, gray, charcoal, black, and many colors in between. This finish will hide dirt to a certain degree so you will not have to be as mindful with the cleaning and upkeep as you are with a chrome finish.  


  • Polished: Still want shine, but not to the degree offered from the Chrome wheel option? Polished is what you are looking for. You will still get a solid level of shine, but it will be a bit duller than the Mirror finish that is included with the Chrome wheel finish option. 


  • Machined Aluminum: Still shiny, but not quite as shiny as chrome or polished rims. If you are looking for a mental image of what this finish looks like, think of the inside of a pop can. That is a great representation of what a machined aluminum wheel looks like.  


Getting to Know Rims and Wheels 

Understanding the products that you are purchasing is an important part of making a sound buying decision. At Hubcap Haven Auto Wheel and Trim, part of our job is to help you make the best decision possible. That’s why we take the time to help you understand our terms, and know what we are selling. If we put this much effort in before you are even a customer, imagine how far we will go to keep you happy when you become one. Grab your next set of wheels from Hubcap Haven Auto Wheel and Trim today.