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What Makes Us Special: Discover the Hubcap Haven Auto Wheel & Trim Difference

When it comes to choosing who you are going to choose to supply your next set of car, truck, or SUV wheels or rims, you really don’t need to look any further than Hubcap Haven Auto Wheel & Trim. We offer a selection that is heads and shoulders above our competitors, but that is only one of the reasons your choice is a simple one. We have an expert staff that is ready to help you find the wheels you need for your vehicle, as well as over 50 years of experience in the OEM auto wheel and rim industry… We’ve got you covered in every way, but here are a few more reasons to put your trust in Hubcap Haven Auto Wheel & Trim.  

What You Get From Hubcap Haven Auto Wheel & Trim 

  We know that everyone has a blog like this… You know, where they sit back and tell you all about how great they are, and how you don’t need to look anywhere else to get whatever it is you are looking for. We are a little different though. We actually have REAL reasons why we are the best, and also the track record to back up each of our points. Take a look.     
  • Unbeatable Customer Service – One of the biggest reasons our customers keep coming back to us is not because we have great prices and a huge selection. It’s because we make it as easy as possible for you to do business with us. Our customer service is unmatched, and we don’t care what industry you put us up against. We are here to help you fix the wheel or rim issues you are facing. Nothing more or less than that… We are here to help you, and that comes through in every interaction we have with our customers. 
  • Easy to Use Website – Another reason we enjoy such great customer support is we have put a TON of time and effort into making our site as user friendly as possible. You will not have an issue finding what you need on our website. Doesn’t matter if you are searching by size, brand, or year, we have you covered, and will help you get the rims or wheels you are looking for fast. 
  • Unbeatable Selection – Just like we mentioned earlier, our selection is unmatched. If you want to find the perfect OEM wheel or rim for your vehicle, there is no one better at it then Hubcap Haven Auto Wheel & Trim. We have access to millions of hard to find parts from our over 155 affiliated warehouses across the US. Can’t find a part somewhere else? Dollars to donuts we can find it, ship it, and get it in your hands fast.
  • Free Shipping – Speaking of shipping your parts, did we mention that we offer FREE SHIPPING on your order? Now, there is a small catch… You have to be in the lower 48 states to take advantage of the free shipping… Sorry Hawaii and Alaska, you guys are pricey.
  • Fast Delivery – When fixing your car, truck, or SUV rims speed is pretty important. You need to get to work, get your kids to sports or school, or you just need to be able to go when you want to go… We understand this, and that’s why we have an AVERAGE transit time of only 48 hours from shipment to delivery. For the size of our items, this is pretty impressive, and stacks up to (and beats) our competition. We truly are a no lose situation when it comes to getting your new set of OEM wheel, rims, or just about any other wheel related item you might need for your vehicle.  

No One Beats Hubcap Haven Auto Wheel & Trim 

We have laid it out as plainly as we can why Hubcap Haven Auto Wheel & Trim should be your first and only stop on your way to a new set of OEM wheels for your vehicle. We offer superior selection, amazingly helpful staff, confusion free website, and an unbeatable shipping and delivery process. Don’t waste your time with other suppliers, and make Hubcap Haven Auto Wheel & Trim your choice for OEM wheels and rims today.