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Are You Spring Clean: Top 5 Tips for Cleaning Your Ride

We have made it through April, National Car Care Month, and are now into the meat of Spring. Want to know what comes along with Spring? Spring cleaning and the team here at Hubcap Haven Auto, Wheel, and Trim is here to help you get your ride squared away and ready for the summer weather. Take a second and look through our list of the top 5 ways to get your ride cleaned up and ready for the summer.  


Top 5 Vehicle Cleaning Tips from Hubcap Haven


  • A Good Clean & Wax: With the end of winter now is the perfect time to treat your car, truck, van, or SUV to a nice thorough cleaning. This doesn’t mean go down to your local car wash and take a few spins through the Automatic Wash line. No, we are talking about a bucket, a sponge, and you taking the time to go over your vehicle getting all of the spots that those auto car washes always seem to miss. You will be amazed at what comes off of your ride.   


  • Clean Out the Interior: One thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that for all intents and purposes, you have spent the last almost 6 months with the inside of your car more or less sealed off from the outside world. Now that we have weather that permits, it is time to roll those windows down, thoroughly clean the inside, and get ready to enjoy warmer weather. 


  • Check Your Wheels: Another area where the winter weather will take its toll is on your wheels. Besides switching out your winter tires for summer wheels, now is the perfect time to check your wheels and rims for damage. The winter weather can be brutal, and you should take this opportunity to make sure your vehicle is in the proper working condition. 


  • Get a New Cabin Air Filter: Going along with the 6 months of sealed off car is a cabin air filter that has been working its tail off the entire time. Take a little extra time and get your cabin air filter changed. You will be surprised at how much gunk it has caught since the last time you changed.  


  • Check Under the Hood: If you have had your car in the garage all winter you can disregard this tip, but for those of us that had our vehicles out in the elements at all this fall and winter, this is an important step. Clearing out the debris that has built up is a crucial step towards setting up your ride for success this summer.   


Get Your Ride Spring Clean Today

Those are our top 5 tips for getting your ride spring clean. We are excited here at Hubcap Haven Auto, Wheel, and Trim to help you find the wheels and rims you need to get your car, truck, van, and SUV back on the road. With a wide selection of OEM wheels and rims to choose from, there is no better place to get your replacement OEM wheels than Hubcap Haven. Get your replacement wheels today.