TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitors) For KIA Stinger

We are able to offer Stinger Tire Pressure Monitors/Sensors (TPMS) for the majority of make/model years. Tire Pressure Sensors are DOT required for all vehicles manufactured for sale in the U.S. as of the 2006 model year. Our Stinger TPMS are easily installed and can be programmed by any tire store or dealership. We offer Free Shipping to the contiguous 48 states and can provide training documentation for our Tire Pressure Monitors/Sensors (TPMS); however, we recommended this be done by a professional installer. If you have questions about our Stinger Tire Pressure Monitors, call us Toll Free (877) 482-4283 and we will be happy to assist you.

TPMS-UVS4030SP KIA Stinger 2018-2022 Tire Pressure Sensor Set
Price: $159.95
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KIA Stinger 2018-2022

Product Specifications:
Product ID: TPMS-UVS4030SP
Product: TPMS (Set of 4)
Fitment: 433 Mhz
OE Part Number: Replaces Kia Part Number 52933-J5000

Notes: Product May Vary From Image in Color or Shape.

Add Quantity of 1 to Basket for 4(four) Monitors.